S4000 Table top conveyors

Photo: transport flite top (lamellar) Trasing S4000 conveyors in our largest professional beverage bottling plant. Terra Production, Inđija. The project of the entire internal transport was carried out in 2008/9. All transport units as well as the system as a whole, work perfectly even today, 10 years later, with minimal maintenance costs that are completely predictable. The philosophy of simplicity and quality is complemented by the values ​​brought by the modular approach in the design of transport systems.

Conveyor description

Table top (lamellar) conveyors are transport devices that use the laminated band / chain carrying the transport item for the movement medium.

They are used for the transport of packaged loads weighing up to 50kg.

The 4000 series conveyors are ideal for transporting unit loads to different locations. Different combinations of sub-folds, such as curves, transitions or slope modules, enable fast and cost-effective production of complex systems.

Types of laminated chains can be steel or plastic, straight or curved.

We tend to include a wide range of possibilities in the production of conveyor to meet the requirements of the application, but also step by step making the solution – the most optimal possible: using new products in the field of lamella chains – dry running chains without lubrication, magnetic curvature, as well as electric motors from IE2 and IE3 family efficient products – this makes the Trasing S4000 lamellar conveyor ultimately high quality and long-lasting.

General characteristics & options

  • A wide range of widths and shapes
  • Construction made of stainless steel or aluminum
  • Side guides of different shapes
  • Supports on adjustable height adjusters
  • Longevity
  • Silent work, low noise
  • Safe operation
  • Possibility of washing water jet
  • Lubrication system
  • Shaft on the underside of the conveyor
  • Frequency control speed
  • Sensors and photo cells for work control
  • Easy integration into the system
  • Maintenance lacquers
  • Simple route change
  • Solutions at customer’s request

Sprocket types

Sprockets are made in a wide selection of diameters and hole sizes.
One-piece sprockets can be made of acetal (standard), urethane (abrasion resistant) and polypropylene (acid resistant).
Two-piece sprockets have steel teeth for a long service life. Sprockets provide power transmission with low tightening requirements.

Chain types

  • Steel chain for direction
  • Steel curve chain
  • Steel chain for direction, high friction surface
  • Steel curve chain, high friction surface
  • Plastic chain link
  • Plastic curve chain
  • Directional chain with rolls without noise
  • Curved chain with rolls without noise
  • Plastic direction chain, high friction surface
  • Plastic curve chain, high friction surface
  • Steel gripper curve chain
  • Plastic gripper curve chain
  • Multiflex chain
  • Plate top for directions
  • Plate top for curve
  • Highly flexible plastic chain
  • Packaging application chain
  • Chain strap for magnetic system

Material review


  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • High-strength stainless steel


  • Acetal
  • Acetal with extra performance
  • Acetal with a low coefficient of friction
  • Antistatic acetal
  • High temperature resistant plastic
  • Chemical resistant plastic
  • Abrasion resistant plastic