transport systems

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Systems for
pallet transport

TPL S7 systems include transport:
– plastic, empty and full pallets of all dimensions and standards;
– wooden, empty and full pallets of all dimensions and standards


Systems for
bottle transport

TB S8 systems include transport:
– plastic and glass bottles of all sizes and volumes;
– cans, jars, plastic and cardboard packaging


Systems for
package transport

TP S9 systems include transport:
– group (collective) packages wrapped in foil;
– group (collective) packages wrapped in cardboard


Systems for
box transport

TP S11 systems include transport:
– plastic, cardboard, wooden box of all dimension and volumes;
– its cargoes that is transported to the post express services


Systems for
crates transport

TG S12 systems include transport:
– plastic crates first of all in the beverage industry;
– plastic crates in all other industries.


of bulk cargo

TG S13 systems include transport:
– products in bulk outside any type of packaging (pieces of fruit and vegetables, veneer, powder materials, dough…