About us

We have been dealing with mechanical and electrical engineering for more than 30 years. We carefully create and maintain our network of quality associates, both on the side of investors and the side of suppliers.


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about us

We analyze, design and integrate process. We use the most modern systems for internal flow and transport of products as well as devices for handling goods and materials, thus automating your process. At the same time, we collect, distribute and analyze information that is synthesized within the system.



Thanks to many years of experience, our experts are trained to ask the right questions to facilitate communication to clients who, by the nature of things, do not have the most accurate idea of the specific needs within the system they manage, when it comes to internal material movement.

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We design

All our solutions are “tailor-made” – tailored precisely to the needs of clients. Hence, the capacity of the design bureau, the knowledge and experience of the designers, as well as the tools used, are significant. Trasing experts use state-of-the-art programs for 2D and 3D modeling and designing.

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We produce

Trasing has entrusted the production to top technicians and top CNC machines. To ensure a high standard of product quality, we pay a lot of attention to production. CNC scraping, milling, bending, laser cutting and electrostatic painting are just some of the operations we perform.

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We integrate

During installation, we perform the integration. One quality is the delivery of a top transport system and the other quality is the successful integration into the already existing systems. Of paramount importance, real experts know how much knowledge and skills are needed for successful integration into the system.

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