Thanks to the fact about 30% Trasing’s placements go to breweries in Serbia and the Region, we can say that we have an exceptional and incomparable experience in working with these companies. Our client portfolio includes breweries such as: Heineken, Carlsberg, Efes, Molson Coors which means that we regularly cooperate with all breweries – Apatin, Zaječar, Čelarevo, Skopje, Banja Luka, Nikšić and others.

By the nature of the business, breweries have mass products that they realize through production plans, so the reliability of the equipment on the production lines is of crucial importance.

Whether it is a line for filling PET packaging, cans or glass – Trasing is here to take care of the transport and management of these products from DEPALLETIZERS to – palletizing. Over time, we have learnt to“communicate” with all machines in the process: with WASHERS, chargers, labellers.. by exchanging signals with these machines, we achieve their connection and uninterrupted flow of products through the process

With successful projects, we have won the trust of renowned companies present in the brewing industry, such as KHS, KRONES, SIDEL, on whose recommendations we make new contacts in this environment.