The chain is as strong as its weakest link. That is why we try to eliminate weak points in our own capacities. The way and the solution is in the constant improvement of the company’s potential, from small things to infrastructure.

Human resources

Aware of the fact that the success of the company lies in people, we pay great attention to the selection of staff and their subsequent practical and theoretical improvement. All Trasing employees are professionals in their fields, with extensive experience and a significant number of implemented solutions. The new staff that comes, as a rule, consists of younger people who are transferred knowledge and culture of business and interpersonal relationships, but we also learn from them.


Machine resources

A significant number of parts and subassemblies are produced in-house, in the Trasing production plant. Technologies within the production are focused on NC and CNC machines but we also jealousy guard several universal machines that are characterized, in addition to excellent work quality, by specific dimensions such as scraping up to a length of 7000 (mm), diameter 1500 (mm). Scarping is performed on Mazak’s CNC lathes, as well as several universal lathes. Milling is performed on Hitachi and Pedersen CNC milling machines with large work surfaces, and in addition to them, the pride of the company – Milwaukee milling machine produced in 1953. The grinder for flat and round grinding is in charge of drilling. The cutting of materials is done in several ways, one of them is water jet technology, respectively cutting with a water jet.

Space resources

  • TRASING Stalać, 2.000 m² of covered space

    • HQ/Central
    • Management and administration
    • Project department and production.
  • TRASING Pojate, 4.000 m² of covered space

    • Conveyor mounting drive
    • Testing
    • Storage space.