trasnportni sistemi, roleri, pokretne trake,
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Integration into the system represents the interconnection of all hardware components into one whole, which is controlled and managed by the software.

Most often, our job is to integrate into the (existing) system – the need to make the software hardware unit functional and efficient.


  • Electrical equipment


  • PLC commands


  • Control panel and units


  • Software development at the request


  • Creating Android or iOS applications


  • WEB applications


  • Integration of the transport system into the complete production process

TRASING delivers top quality electrical equipment to help you start your production or improve global productivity. Our personnel apply their great experience and knowledge in designing and developing systems for control and integration into the system, according to the requirements of the investor. Our experience and the use of proven technologies and solutions are adapted to the needs of your process. We offer various solutions for your production process, from standard electrical solutions, through PLC control, panel control, testing, commissioning and training to the development and development of software completely according to your needs.

TRASING delivers modern solutions to control the transport of materials. The standard procedure for design and construction guarantees quality and precision in your system for controlling the transport and handling of materials. We use the highest quality components available on the market and have experience in different areas and with different products. Our control system is easy to operate, but it also allows modifications if a need for them is revealed in the future.