trasnportni sistemi, roleri, pokretne trake,
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Conveyors, as with any mechanical or electrical device, can cause safety issues to operators or anyone who works near or around them. Every year people are hurt or killed as a result of accidents on conveyors. Below is a list of simple rules that anyone working on, near or around conveyors should be well versed on:

Do not climb, sit, stand, walk or ride the conveyor at any time!

It may seem like common sense but it happens more often than you would like to believe, and usually results in injury or damage to the conveyor.

Always ensure approved guards and covers are in place before operation!

Never run, or allow the conveyor to be run, without the guards or covers securely in place. Guards are there for a reason and running the conveyor without them could result in serious injury.

Only qualified and properly trained personnel to maintain and repair the conveyor.

Conveyors can be dangerous, both mechanically and electrically, to those who do not thoroughly understand the equipment and how to safely work on it.

Do not cover up, modify or misuse conveyor controls!

Conveyor controls can be very important in the safe running of a conveyor, this includes any kind of electrical or mechanical device used during conveyor operation.

Keep clothing, body parts and hair away from conveyors!

One of the most common ways to get injured by a conveyor is to get clothing, hair or a body part dragged in by a roller. It is imperative that workers (or anyone near the conveyor) keep their hands off the conveyor whilst it’s running.

Ensure all controls are visible and easily accessible!

In case of an emergency all controls need to visible and easily accessible to anyone working on the conveyor.

Remove rubbish, scrap only when power has been disabled to the conveyor!

In order to ensure that your conveyor is running safely and efficiently it is important to keep it, and the area around it, clean and free of debris. However it is unsafe to carry out any cleaning or maintenance on the conveyor whilst it is powered and operating.

Report all unsafe conditions to authorized personnel!

Untrained people trying to clear conveyor jams could result in injury and/or damaged equipment.


Visitors should be briefed on the safety regulations and clothing inspected for possible risks before being allowed near the machinery.