trasnportni sistemi, roleri, pokretne trake,
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Technical Assistance

Our people, mechanical and electrical engineers have years of experience in designing and implementing systems for the transport of materials. This allows us to offer our clients a high level of technical support, in order to choose the optimal characteristics of the transport system. Our goal is to develop the simplest system that can realize the working requirements of the client, and that an efficient, cost-effective and flexible way. Working together we will develop innovative and efficient transport system, with a good price, tailored to your needs.

Project Management

The fact that holds all projects together is Project Management. TRASING Project Managers watch over the project from beginning to the end, and assure that the project is completed on time and within the expectations of the Customer. These guys are veterans in the wide variety of industries, recognizing, responding and solving problems characteristic of today’s modern business. Our project managers have a lot of experience in managing the logistics and coordination through full process. We provide full service, no matter how large or small your project is, it will receives the same expert attention.

After Sales Service

TRASING accepts your urgency to get the job done quickly and consider it a compliment to be called upon as your service vendor.

With 24 hours, 7 days per week mechanical and electrical repairs, you are never alone when your equipment is not working.

Our Customers will always receive advice and support from our team, inside of guarantee period as well as out of it. Our after sales service personnel can remedy disturbances without any delay, so that you avoid expensive downtime.

All equipment shipped from our facility is marked with a distinct serial number. As a single source supplier, TRASING can handle your maintenance needs.
Our after sales service concepts combine individual activities such as inspection, maintenance, overhauling, regular customer training etc.

Spare Parts

We are able to supply the spare parts you need within short time. Your order will always be checked for quality before being dispatched. We are always trying to dispatch spare parts as soon as possible, to avoid any unnecessary waiting times.
In every our quotation we offer spare parts package, which contains all absolutely necessary parts for your conveying system.

In stock we always have a huge number of spare parts, and including the fact we are closely cooperate with World most important manufacturers of conveyor components, that is guarantee that TRASING provides full spare parts service.